High quality printable STL miniatures designed and optimized for resin printing and painting, playable in most sci-fi wargames and roleplaying games.

High Quality Printable STL miniatures designed by fans for fans

After almost 20 years of painting and assembling miniatures from various sources, it is now time for us to create our own models and universe.

It is a deep passion that drives our creativity and today we use our experiences as model makers, 3D artists and storytellers to produce high quality printable STL miniatures that meet our requirements in a science fantasy universe combining originality and known inspirations search as dwarves.


All our STL files are pre-supported and ready to print directly after download. Lychee Slicer is mainly used (Chitubox will be added later).

We print our models multiple time to ensure the quality. Particular attention is paid to optimizing our supports to limit their impact on our models.


Painting is one of the most important parts of miniature assembly. Also, we put lot of effort into designing models that are legible and pleasant to paint.

Models are beginner friendly but can also challenged more experienced painters.

32mm Scale

With a 32mm scale as reference, our models are well designed to be compatible with most skirmish games, wargames and roleplaying games on the market.


We also want to offer you an epic plot carried by a brand new universe of science fiction. We are committed to giving a soul to our characters and want to develop their stories through 3D short movies, illustrations and more.

Kickstarter STL Print Preview

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I started wargaming 20 years ago and never really left it. Year after year, my passion for miniatures and their stories has only grown and the desire to create my own universe too. After more than 10 years of experience as a research engineer in virtual reality, I decided to take my chance. I learned Blender 3D in 1 year to finally give me the opportunity to realize this dream.

Moh Avatar DropMiniz

Moh - Founder

2D artist since childhood, I stream my sketches, illustrations, concepts, splasharts on Twitch. I became interested in 3D in 2021 to help me in the realization of my drawings and fell in love with Blender. Fan of goodies, it was the opportunity for me to conceptualize, sculpt and print my own miniatures, and what a pleasure! Today I feel myself as an accomplished artist.

Vekkat Avatar DropMiniz

Vekkat - Co-Founder